Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Updates

Hail Storm!!! Yesterday, I was sitting in the house and all of a sudden it sounded like someone was busting the walls down- we ran outside to see the largest hail I have ever seen!!! It was crazy! It did some damage on a lot a peoples cars- including Chase's truck :(

Here are the guys after the storm. By the way, I guess this is a good time to introduce Orey and Coulton who are currently living with Chase and I :)
Coulton is Chases brother, and Orey is his cousin- we are having fun. I have to say that Coulton is a great cook, and Orey is great a doing dishes- it quite a treat and an awesome addition to the family.

A few weeks ago Mom Dad, and Matt (my cousin) came over for dinner. I am so excited that Matt lives here now while he is going through med school :)

Last month Chase did the Lotoja Bike race with Nic, Ryan and Marshal. The race starts in Logan UT, and ends in Jackson, WY. I was not able to go, but from what I heard and pictures that I saw, everyone had a great time. I am so proud of all of them! This is a picture of Chase before he left with his truck loaded and ready to go :)


Tara Diaz Nelson said...

Our dogs went crazy during the storm. Brian and I were at my Birthday lunch when the storm hit Scottsdale! It was so dark and gloomy. Our back yard flooded again.

Tono, Brielle, Bryton & Callie said...

Its good to see your still alive! I have not heard from you for awhile. Glad to see everything is going good. I missed out on the storm cause I was in Utah but Tono said it was pretty awesome! I came home to a pool in the ditch on the side of my house! Hope to see you soon!

grams said...

Hi sweethearts, I loved the pictures of the hail storm. People always talk about the large hail stones but you got pictures and yes they look like they could do a lot of damage. I would'nt want to get hit by one. I love it that Mathew is close by. hugs and kisses to all of you. I love you all!