Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crazy nails

I went a little crazy with the nail polish last week. It was fun. I read in a magazine that if you paint your nails white, and then put the color on top, it makes the color even brighter. It worked really well! It was fun, but the yellow nails didn't last long because people kept commenting about them, and I don't have very many yellow outfits- so I could only handle it for a few days :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chase turned 25!

For Chase's birthday, Amber, Nic, Gavin and I all went out to a late lunch at Z'Tejas. It was fun. It was a relaxing birthday, nothing too craxy; just like Chase wanted.
It is a tradition in my family that the house gets decorated for your birthday and this is a fun tradition that I want to keep alive. However, I have been so busy lately with school and work, that I forgot to buy any decorations. So, 1:00 AM I attempted to make a home-made sign. It's not pretty but I would rather do something than nothing; and its the thought that counts, right? :) At least Chase seemed to think it was nice.