Monday, March 8, 2010


For Valentine's Day, my sister Amber found these adorable little Valentine's that we made. They were so much fun to make. We made them for the girls that I teach on Sunday's at church in Young Women's. They are made out of Dum Dums Pops and paper.

*One Lesson that I taught in Young Women's was called, "Sharing Work in the Home". The lesson was all about doing your part in keeping the house clean and doing chore. Anyways, I found this idea from a website called where they used a sponge and created a cute hand out. Well, I took this idea and made up my own thing. The girls loved it, and the next Sunday they call told me that they used their sponge to help clean the house. It was too cute!


Barton Family said...

SO cute wish I could have been there.

grams said...

What fun, they are very creative and the girls must have loved them.

katiec said...

You are adorable! What lucky girls!