Tuesday, January 19, 2010


To keep you updated, Chase and I could not find the owners of the dog that we found back in November, so we kept her, and we love her SO much! We call her Maya. We have been trying to teach her tricks and so far all she knows is sit. However, we have been working on playing fetch. Well, it rained today so Chase and I decided to have some fun. We took her out in the field across the street from our house and played in the water. Turns out she loves the water, and could not stop fetching the ball :)


Ian & Cassie said...

AWE!!! She looks so happy! she really does like the water!

grams said...

Hi Sweethearts, What fun on a rainy day. Not only does the dog get excersize but so do you,
that's great. We love you . Hugs & kisses.

J and Heather said...

That is too cute. I love your adopted baby. Can't wait to meet her.