Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter in Moab

We spent Easter with our friends, the King Family. We had so much fun in Moab.
Arches National Park was amazing! Everything was beautiful!

Here is Dominic King climbing the rocks :)

The weekend was too fast! I can't wait to go back to Moab! We had so much fun!


katiec said...

That looks so fun! We have to go on an adventure together! I send you a picture of my hair to your phone the day I got it cut!! Bummer!! It must not have worked!!! I am sorry I didn't mention it! I thought you must have known! I love you!!! It was sooo good to talk to you!!!

J and Heather said...

I love Moab. It has been awhile since i've been there. Always an adventure whenever I went with the family. It is so beautiful!! Most of it looks fake.

The Daltons said...

Ya, we need to hang out! I tried to hang out with Chase last night, then I remembered that he was no good at poker and he went home early!

Jenna Rae said...
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